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    Q. What does JetCom do?

    A. Jetcom helps businesses increase sales and profitability with a suite of complementary services. First we make sure your business has a professional consistent identity across all your digital media. If your image needs and enhancement, we have a talented team of designer ready to make your on line image awesome. This include your website, your email templates, your social media sites and your phone app.

    Next we focus on your customer satisfaction management program. JetCom has been providing satisfaction surveys to business for over 20 years. Our program will survey your customers, through an intelligent multi-media (email, phone, text) campaign. Your CSI program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. The customer satisfaction survey reports are used to identify opportunities for improvement. Customer reviews are submitted to all major search engines and listed on public sites. The more reviews posted about your business means more credibility. To maximize the views of all your positive surveys, we will also automate a continuous post to all your social media sites with a link to your reviews.

    JetCom will also find all the new movers in your area and give you the ability to send them postcards with just a few clicks.

    To maximize the effectiveness of your ongoing communication campaigns, JetCom will help you find email addresses for all your customers that you do not have emails for.

    If you are an automotive repair facility, our Vehicle health app will allow you to connect your customer in a whole new way. Our app will send your shop a constant stream of data about you customers’ vehicles. If you see a check engine light on or about to come on, you can be proactive, contact your customer and let them know the situation. Taken together, the JetCom platform will allow your business to take off and climb into the communication stratosphere!

    Q. Can I sign up and not be obligated for a year contract?

    A. Committing to a year at a time provides a discounted rate, however if you are more comfortable on a month to month basis we can definitely accommodate you.

    Q. Will the vehicle app need an OBD connector for each vehicle?

    A. Yes, each vehicle that you connect your shop to will need an OBD2 connector. The customer can take the connector from one car and plug it into another car, If the car is newer than 2003 the app will detect a new VIN. However, since the cost of the Droid OBD2 connector is minimal we suggest installing one in every vehicle you want to monitor.

    Q. Will I be able to log on to a website to view my customer data?

    A. Yes, by loging in at you can access all your customers data from anywhere.

    Q. Does JetCom offer marketing assistance?

    A. Yes, JetCom Creative is the marketing department with serveral services avaliable to enhance your compaines exposure.

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